Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Stockists! Hurrah!

Well, what an eventful week it has been! I started a new job as an art technician, I did two days at the Rose Street Market, I submitted my second semester's TAFE work and now have two new stockists for my work! Phew! The first is a well-known Melbourne locale, renowned for its love and support of all things hand made - Meet Me at Mikes! and the second is a shop that is just opening this Saturday in the Blue Mountains called Hold Your Horses, run by a lovely girl called Erin! Terribly excited to have my things in both these stockists! Check out their blogs!

A photograph of my goodies that are going into Hold Your Horses, taken from Erin's Blog!


  1. Emily! This is Jess, I go to school with you and I stumbled upon your blog via craft vic... I'm impressed- I had no idea you were such a busy bee outside of school! Congrats on finishing all your school work AND getting all that other stuff done!

  2. Congrats Em! I saw your features on the Mikes blog too- how awesome are you?! x